Method Manager


The Method Manager allows an existing Method to be tailored or a new one to be created.  The features available are:

  • Change ‘Introduction’, ‘Hints and Tips’ and ‘To Do’ for any stage;
  • Modify or delete tasks, assets and roles;
  • Incorporate new tasks, roles and assets;
  • Re-sequence tasks using drag-and-drop;
  • Reassign tasks to different roles and assets;
  • Change task durations;
  • Include additional information relating to an asset e.g. owner and author;
  • Restrict access to certain tasks and assets e.g. for confidentiality reasons;
  • Add ‘hot links’ between assets;
  • Create additional categories for searching assets;
  • Inform users about changes or planned changes to your Method;
  • Modify or create additional surveys and questionnaires;
  • Run automated checks to verify the Method (e.g. identify unassigned assets)

For more details, refer to Method Manager or download our Method Manager Product Description.

Refer to ‘Training and Support’ for details of the support provided and other support options e.g. training available.


  • The Method Manager is not available for users of the ‘Standard’ option
  • A Method Manager license is required for each Method (e.g. ‘Step-by-Step Change’) to be managed
  • The minimum license period is one year
  • Users of the Method Manager must attend the ‘Foundation’ training and the appropriate Method Manager training modules as a condition of the license
  • Up to three Method Manager licenses will be provided as standard


Download Business Case Examples

Download our detailed business case examples based on three potential uses of the Change Factory.

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