The tables below offer a summary of the features available for the ‘Professional’ and ‘Enterprise’ options.  These options are not yet available for licensing.  For more details, download our Change Factory Options paper.


Available Summer 2014

Premium features, plus:

  • Task assignment
  • Time recording and issue tracking
  • Task completion tracking
  • Progress reporting
  • Exporting of plan to MS Project

Download Overview


Available Summer 2015

Project features, plus:

  • Resources shared across projects
  • Shared checklists, examples etc.
  • Integrated Methods
  • Multi-project reporting

Download Overview

Refer to ‘Training and Support’ for details of the support provided and other support options e.g. training available.



Download Business Case Examples

Download our detailed business case examples based on three potential uses of the Change Factory.

More Information

If you have any questions on how to develop your business case or any suggestions for improving the examples provided, please contact us.