Method Options

There are a range of options available to you for each of the methodologies:

  • ‘Standard’: ‘out-of-the box’ solution containing all standard Change Factory features;
  • ‘Premium’: as for the ‘Standard’ option, plus additional assets (e.g. templates, checklists, examples), advanced reporting, and the ability to update or replace tasks, assets and roles;
  • ‘Professional’: as for the ‘Premium’ option, plus the ability to assign tasks to individuals, track and report task status, and export to MS Project;
  • ‘Enterprise’: as for the ‘Professional’ option, plus the ability to share assets and roles across projects and multi-project status reporting

With the exception of users of the ‘Standard’ option, customers will also need the Method Manager module to change tasks, assets and roles within an existing methodology (e.g. ‘Step-by-Step Change’) or to build one from scratch.

Benefits of Each Option

Some of the benefits of each Change Factory option are:

Options Benefits


  • Very fast implementation (within days)
  • Optional Foundation training available
  • Very low cost (user licenses and optional training only)


  • Fast implementation (within weeks)
  • Improved reporting and additional useful assets
  • Ability to adopt existing collateral (e.g. include own templates)
  • Low cost (Method Manager may also be needed)


As for the ‘Premium’ option, plus:

  • Improved project monitoring and control
  • Basis for detailed project planning


As for the ‘Professional’ option, plus:

  • Ability to share assets and resources across projects
  • Status reporting across projects

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More Information

Find out more about the Change Factory options and features, by downloading our Change Factory Options paper.