Step-by-Step Data

‘Step-by-Step Data’ is an ‘out-of-the-box’ solution from the Change Factory, aimed at the IT developer who needs to migrate clean data from one system to another.  It is based on an industry-proven approach, consisting of seven stages with supporting tasks that provide guidance, hints and tips, action lists, templates, checklists and real-life examples. 

The example provided here is for Stage 2 (‘Prepare for Migration’) of ‘Step-by-Step Data’, which determines which data objects are to be migrated and what quality criteria should apply to ensure the data is in a fit state for migration.

The image shows the outline data migration process, together with a list of example tasks. The assets supporting this Stage enable the creation of a data inventory including details of source and targets systems, the data quality requirements that must be achieved along with the data clean-up activities necessary.

Benefits of the Method

Some of the benefits of using ‘Step-by-Step Data’ are:

  • Faster mobilisation: IT developers can get their migration projects up and running within a few days;
  • Greater efficiency: following a standard approach with common templates and examples will make your data migration project more productive;
  • Reduced learning curve: project teams will get up-to-speed faster since ‘Step-by-Step Data’ is intuitive, easy to learn and supported by a wealth of practical tools;
  • Learning from experience: unlike many proprietary methodologies, ‘Step-by-Step Data’ can be adapted and extended to incorporate your own tools, examples and learning.

These benefits ensure that the project team can focus on managing the migration project, rather than waste time developing their own data migration approach and toolset.

We can tailor your own version of ‘Step-by-Step Data’ often at no extra charge using our Tailoring Service.

There are also a number of training modules provided (see Training Overview) as well as other support (see Other Support).

More Information

Find out more about ‘Step-by-Step Data’ by downloading our ‘Step-by-Step Data’ Product Description.