Step-by-Step Project

‘Step-by-Step Project’ is an ‘out-of-the-box’ solution from the Change Factory, aimed at the inexperienced project manager who needs to get their project up and running quickly.  It is based on an industry-proven approach consisting of six stages with supporting tasks, each of which provides guidance, hints and tips, action lists, templates, checklists and real-life examples.

The example provided here is for Stage 3 (‘Plan Project’) of ‘Step-by-Step Project’, which focuses on developing a meaningful plan for the planned change, including estimating durations and costs as well as selecting and mobilising the project team.

The image shows the outline project management process, together with a list of example tasks. The assets supporting this Stage ensure that you are able to develop a work breakdown structure for your project and estimate costs and resources as well as helping you select and quickly mobilise your project team.

Benefits of the Method

Some of the benefits of using ‘Step-by-Step Project’ are:

  • Faster mobilisation: project managers can learn the basics of project management and get their projects up and running within a few days;
  • Focus on the basics: the fundamentals of successful project management are covered with the more advanced concepts available if needed;
  • Reduced learning curve: project managers will get up-to-speed faster since ‘Step-by-Step Project’ is intuitive, easy to learn and supported by a wealth of practical tools;
  • Learning from experience: unlike many proprietary methodologies, ‘Step-by-Step Project’ can be adapted and extended to incorporate your own tools, examples and learning.

These benefits ensure that the project manager can focus on managing the project, rather than waste time developing their own project management toolset.

We can tailor your own version of ‘Step-by-Step Project’ often at no extra charge using our Tailoring Service.

There are also a number of training modules provided (see Training Overview) as well as other support (see Other Support).

More Information

Find out more about ‘Step-by-Step Project’ by downloading our ‘Step-by-Step Project’ Product Description.