Overview of the Change Factory

The Change Factory contains a number of online methodologies to tackle a range of typical business change scenarios, such as:

  • how to implement an important business change quickly and without fuss;
  • how to deliver your first project and ensure it all runs smoothly;
  • how to ensure that data migrating to a new computer system is of high quality

Each of these methodologies has been developed by recognised experts in the field who have worked with Change Partners to create an approach that is:

  • simple to learn and use;
  • based on proven best practice;
  • capable of adapting with you over time

Each of the methodologies contains:

Component Features


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Describes what needs to be done to complete the task, supported by useful guidance, hints and tips and links to Assets (see below)


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Supports the completion of Tasks with checklists, templates, examples and a range of tools (e.g. questionnaires) which can also be accessed independently


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Each Task is assigned to one or more roles, so that work can be allocated to different people – the Professional and Enterprise versions also provide some simple project management features (e.g. time recording, tracking of task completion)


Individuals can print details of Tasks that have been assigned to them in their role(s) along with a list of the Assets (see above) that will assist them

Many methodologies are available ‘out-of-the-box’ with training as an option.  They can all be modified either by our consultants or by the customer by using our Method Manager tool.

More Information

Find out more about the Change Factory in our Change Factory Overview.

ChangeFactory Options

Find out more about the Change Factory options and features by downloading our Change Factory Options paper.

Meet Our Experts

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