A number of Roles are defined for each methodology and pre-assigned to the tasks that each role would be expected to complete. In practice, an individual user of the Change Factory may be undertaking one or more roles.

Within a project environment (users of Professional and Enterprise options) each role is assigned to an individual user who is able to see which tasks have been assigned to them and book their time. The project manager is then able to track and report the progress of tasks.

Role Records

Each role has an associated Role Record that contains:

  • Description of the role;
  • Tasks that have been assigned;
  • List of Asset Groups to which it belongs;
  • List of assets (e.g. role description) that can be downloaded


Some of the features available for roles are:

  • A list of assigned tasks can be printed;
  • You can change existing roles e.g. to adopt your terminology;
  • Roles can be added, deleted and re-sequenced;
  • Access can be restricted e.g. for reasons of confidentiality

Users of the Professional and Enterprise options can also assign tasks to individual users as well as record, track and report task completion. The ability to update or replace roles is available for all Change Factory options except for the ‘Standard’ option and also requires the Method Manager tool.

Take a Test Drive

Test drive one of our methodologies, by selecting one of the following:

Step-by-Step Change

An ‘out-of-the-box’ solution aimed at customers who need support in managing their change initiatives.
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Step-by-Step Project

An ‘out-of-the-box’ solution aimed at the inexperienced project manager who needs to get their project up and running quickly.
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Step-by-Step Data

An ‘out-of-the-box’ solution aimed at the IT developer who needs to migrate clean data from one system to another.
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View a Role Record

The image shows an example of a typical Role Record.