The ChangeFactory vision

Vision of the Change Factory

Imagine having an online tool that allows you to:

  • Benefit from using proven solutions to tackle a range of typical business change scenarios;
  • Access a wealth of supporting check-lists, templates, change tools and examples;
  • Tailor the solution to reflect your specific needs;
  • Incorporate learning over time as your experience grows have imagined the Change Factory.

This was the vision that inspired us at Change Partners to develop the Change Factory.  We also set about tackling the ‘methodology paradox’, namely:

  • We recognise the value in adopting standard approaches to get moving quickly and to learn from others’ experience

Yet standard approaches are often:

  • Too complex and difficult to learn;
  • Focused too much on what to do and not enough on how to do it;
  • Unable to fit our precise needs, leading to compromises or expensive changes;
  • Unable to easily adapt over time as we become more experienced or as our needs change

We also realised that we could not be experts in everything, so we decided to ask some recognised experts in the field to help us create simple ways of tackling common business problems based on what works in practice.

We also wanted you to be more in control by:

  • Only paying for methodologies you use and for the features you need;
  • Having a range of training options available to you, rather than being forced to buy a ‘one-size-fits-all’ solution;
  • Providing simple tools that allow you to change your methodology to fit your needs or to adapt it over time as your needs change;
  • Building your own internal expertise rather than having to rely too much on external consultants

We believe this makes the Change Factory different from other proprietary methodologies - an approach that puts your interests first and adapts as your needs change.

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