Design and Build Service

Our Methods Consultants can support you in designing and building your own Method to reflect your specific requirements.

We would typically facilitate the execution of the ‘Build Method’ process (see the adjacent diagram). The diagram shows the outline build process, together with a list of example tasks.

We guide you through each of the stages of the ‘Build Method’ Method to ensure that your Method is well designed and simple to use. This would normally be undertaken by running a series of workshops, each typically of a half or full days’ duration, supplemented by a number of off-line reviews of the Method as it is developed.

Benefits of the Service

At the end of the workshops, the company will have:

  • An in-house Method that is well designed, easy to use and incorporates all selected internal checklists, templates and examples;
  • A Method that fits well with the needs of the company;
  • People trained in the use of the Method and in how to use the Method Manager to manage and adapt the Method;
  • High levels of acceptance and ownership of the Method from the people involved in its design and build

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