Method Manager

The Method Manager is an optional module from the Change Factory that allows users to change tasks, assets and roles within an existing Method (e.g. ‘Step-by-Step Change’) or to build one from scratch.

Method Manager

The Method Manager is needed if you choose any of the options apart from the ‘Standard’ option, although you may prefer your Method to be tailored by us – see our Tailoring Service.

A library of existing Assets (checklists, templates, examples) is available, which can be mixed with your own templates and examples.

Benefits of the Method Manager

Some of the benefits of using the Method Manager are:

  • Closer fit to requirement: the modified or newly-created Method will be a better match to the needs of the company;
  • Leverage existing investment: existing standards and documentation (e.g. customer’s own templates) can be incorporated into the Method;
  • Greater user acceptance: users of the Method will be more accepting as they may have contributed to its creation;
  • Knowledge and Experience Captured: project experience can be captured in the Method (e.g. lessons learnt, project examples) for the benefit of future projects;
  • Proven support material: a library of existing assets (templates, examples etc.) are available that can be incorporated into your Method;
  • Greater control: you keep control of your Method, such as how it develops and what it incorporates, without having to depend on others;
  • Reduced maintenance cost: you will not have to pay for consultants to maintain your Method.

These benefits ensure that the company continues to develop its internal capability, capturing its knowledge and experience over time, rather than wasting time re-inventing the wheel or becoming over-reliant on consultants.

There are also a number of training modules provided (see Training Overview) as well as other support (see Other Support).

Request a Demonstration

If you would like to experience the capabilities of the Method Manager, why not request a free In-house Demonstration.