Tailoring Service

Our consultants can help you adapt an existing methodology to reflect your specific requirements. We follow a proven process (shown below) that delivers a customised methodology accessible via the Change Factory tool. The Change Factory web-site can also be adapted to reflect in-house branding and colour schemes.

The stages involved in the process are:

  • Design the Method – we identify the Method that best reflects your situation and requirements and identify major changes needed to tasks and assets;
  • Tailor the Method – we configure the Method by modifying the tasks, task assignments and adding any local assets needed;
  • Implement the Method – having modified the Change Factory Method, we deliver the Foundation training to users and train selected users in how to use the Method Manager;
  • Support the Method – we coach your project team and provide any subject matter expertise in the Method, as agreed with you;
  • Upgrade the Method – after a short period of use, we review your experience and agree on any further support needed from us and capture lessons learnt to incorporate into the Method

The approach is highly flexible and its exact shape and nature depends on the in-house resources available, past experience and the change situation that exists within the customer’s organisation. 

There are also a number of training modules provided (see Training Overview) as well as other support (see Other Support).

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