Manage Your Own Method

If you have created your own Method using our Tailoring or Design and Build services, you may decide to manage your Method using the Method Manager tool.

Our one day course will teach you how to to improve your Method based on others' experience of its use e.g. by adding further guidance, checklists and examples.

Course Overview

The training course will cover the following topics:

  • Components of a Method: introduction to the basic components of stages, tasks, assets, roles, threads etc. and how they link together;
  • Working with tasks: how to create or update stages, tasks and threads and re-sequence them;
  • Working with roles: how to create or update roles and role groups and link them to tasks or assets;
  • Working with assets: how to create or update assets and their asset records, categorise assets and link assets to tasks and roles;
  • Using reports: how to use reports to maintain a consistent Method;
  • Miscellaneous features: covering some of the additional features available, such as verifying Method completeness and changing user messages.

The training sessions are based on a Case Study and build on the topics covered in the Foundation programme.

Additional Support

  • Attendees will be provided with a ‘How To’ Guide that comprehensively describes all functions of the Method Manager.

More Information

Find out more about the Change Factory training options by downloading our Change Factory Training Description.